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Born in 1995, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Marietha has always been interested in the arts for as long as she can remember. Its been apart of her since the age of 3 when she began drawing. Growing up in Africa with a Tanzanian mother and an Indian father, she grew up with both an African and Indian culture. The music, dancing, art, and film got her even more involved with the arts. Already at the age of 11, her drawings were featured in the local newspaper.  At the age of 16, she painted her first painting, and she has been painting ever since. They have also been featured in the local newspaper as well.

Marietha loves stories and telling them through moving images. She began filmmaking at the age of twelve together with her friends. Having made all kinds of film, from 1 minute funny/experimental film to a short narrative film. She always came up with the ideas and directed her friends while filming. She enjoyed coming up with different ideas and making a story out of it. She even made a short film with the Sims game people. She soon fell in love with the entire process, from an idea to a finished film. She writes, directs and edits. Her work has screened on the TV, Cinema and included in several film festivals around the world. Her short, and feature scripts have also been noticed and included in festivals.

Her photograph consists most of self-portraits. She began photographing at the age of 14, and have won and been featured on photographic contests as well. She loves to experiment with the use of colors in her photographs. What makes her passionate about art; is the freedom it gives you to create what you’ve got inside your self/ heart, and bring it to life either through painting, drawing, play, film or music. It lets you be so free, that you can create anything unique to inspire other people or even change the world. It lets you use your imagination and creativity so far as you want because it has no limit.

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