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AMAZING GRACE, feature, drama, adaptation 

"This is a touching story – there are so many gripping scenes. I was frantically turning the pages to see what would happen to Grace. There's so much heart here – I assume it is based on a true story because the details in the settings and characters are amazing."

Reader comments

LEA, feature, action, thriller

The story was very authentic and didn’t romanticize human trafficking. There was no Stockholm syndrome. This was the story of a girl who fought for her life - and won.

Reader comments


"Lea is a really heart-pounding action/thriller script featuring a unique premise, an endearing protagonist

and a few unexpected plot turns."
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IN. CLI. NA.TION, feature, drama, thriller, romance

This screenplay makes a number of compelling, deeply humanistic observations that are noble and ring true.
- Reader comments

GONE, feature, action, thriller 

"The dark, sad place that Kevin has to navigate can be felt strongly in the writing. The script conveys the loneliness, the depression, and the desperation that Kevin is facing effortlessly. With one liners driving the pacing of the story, the script keeps things brief and straight to the point in order to keep the story focused on Kevin’s emotional descent. What’s on the page is minimum information needed to start the building blocks of scene building. The sparse dialogue gives the script it’s own type of tone. It really does help a person focus on the visual story telling as Kevin faces his memories that led up to his current situation and the loneliness in his life."
- Reader comments





SELF-PORTRAIT, short, experimental

WHAT IF? short, romance, experimental. (Postproduction) 

#BROKENHEARTEDYOUNGSTERS, short, animation, romance.

DEAR MARIETHA, short, documentary, Self-Portrait



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